We just released version 1.1.2. This is mainly a bugfix release, although we added a few minor features.

How to update:

If you have bought Copper in Mac App Store just download the update (as usual) from the Mac App Store Application. If you downloaded a Trial or have bought it in our own store, please choose menu Copper -> Check for Updates.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed a Problem with corrupted 3D models (see below for details)
  • Pads with “Long” shape are displayed correctly now
  • Schematics View now scales and positions sheets correctly
  • Schematics don’t hover items that are invisible due to inactive layers
  • Fixed an application crash when leaving an Inspector field empty in 3D model setup

We also added a few minor things:

  • Added an option in preferences for setting the point weld tolerance (see below)
  • Completely reworked Welcome Screen and allows direct subscription to our Newsletter, Twitter and Facebook.



We have open sourced a test project we created to showcase Copper on our website and to test its functionality in a real world project. It’s the best way to inspect all features of Copper.

In Welcome Screen, click on “Sample Projects / Tutorials” to open the specific webpage.

Corrupted 3D PCBs

Eagle does not have a data structure for connected points. Instead it just has a lot of lines with start and end points, including the lines that form the board outline. To create a 3D model of your design Copper needs to create a closed outline. This is not always possible as minor (very typically !!) differences in points were not recognized as “the same” points thus forming a closed line.

We added a preferences setting to adjust this value. If you have problems with corrupted 3D boards, increase this value step by step until Copper creates a correct PCB. You will have to reload the board after each change, though.