This is just a short update of what happened the last months and why we still have not been able to finally push 1.3 to the public. As you know, 1.3 comes with a lot of new features. The single most important feature is STEP import. I have detailed this in the last blog posts so this is just a quick recap: STEP is massive. It’s an overly complex file format and data structure. As I didn’t want to write an importer from scratch I used the amazing OpenCascade package.

This has been complex and time consuming enough to integrate in an macOS application. But, it’s even more complex to get this whole stuff through Apples provisioning system. In fact, even after working with Apple for weeks on this issue, there is no solution yet.

It doesn’t look to be my code. Apple things it’s an issue with iTunes Connect or the AppStore. Or something in between. To overcome this issue, and as I don’t want to run in such an issue again, I am working on getting that STEP import stuff working on server side. This way we can use cloud based services to import STEP files into our application. But this takes time.

In the meantime I have been working on 1.4 and beyond. Copper is still developed and will so in the future. There is a roadmap we have to work on. But, during this summer things slowed down quite a bit and we have been stopped with progress on 1.3 due to the issues described above.

I have no timeline yet, but be assured that we should have a solution in the next weeks.

Thanks for supporting Copper!