Why you can’t import 3D models yourself

UPDATE (May 5, 2016): It's now possible to import (custom) STEP models. It's available in 1.3 which is in now in open beta. More info can be found here: Importing CAD 3D models. UPDATE (January 11, 2016): We recently got the foundation of this feature working: STEP import! Importing your own models, sharing them with the community, forks for custom materials and a lot more will be released in the March update that is scheduled around March 20, 2016. We have written a blog post about our progress in this area and how the new feature will exactly work. [...]

What’s next?

Now that Coppers initial version is released to the public I want to give an outlook of what will be the next few steps. Copper has been developed from scratch and from the ground up to be a native Mac OS X Cocoa Application. It uses latest Apple technology and I will do so in the future. I don't have any plans at the moment to port it to Windows as this would slow down development pace and wouldn't be a lot of fun at all. It will be a long road to actually build a full EDA software suite that allows you to create [...]

Copper is available on the Mac App Store now

Today, Copper has been approved for Mac App Store. And to celebrate the release of Copper it'll be available for a limited time for just 24,99 Euro/USD. Thank you very much beta testers for downloading and testing Copper. With your help I could fix a few nasty bugs and I think I could release a robust and feature rich initial 1.0 release.