Version 1.2 released

This release mainly focuses on optimizations, but brings a couple of new features that were now possible due to these optimizations. And Copper now comes with extensive Through Hole Part support in 3D with many more parts and a few more generators. Through Hole Parts and Generators Very important for quite a lot of our users: Through Hole Parts. In 1.2 we added quite a lot of them. And we have added procedural parts, too. Procedural parts are great as the whole geometry, materials, textures is created by software. This is especially useful with through hole parts like resistors, where you [...]

I finally cracked it: Custom models coming soon

I did write quite a lot here about my motivation creating Copper. Before building Copper I created the 3D models of my PCB using Eagle Up and Sketchup. While I really liked the ease of use, I didn't like the way you have to "source" 3D parts. They must have been available in Sketchup file format and they had to have the correct orientation. I even had to build quite a lot of parts myself in Sketchup. Copper doesn't need anything of that. You search the part in the library and the only thing you have is to orient the [...]

What to expect in 2016 …

Happy New Year! Thank you very much for all your help, support and feedback in the last few months. I am very proud of what we have achieved 2015 and I am really looking forward to bring Copper to a new level in 2016. Our goal remains the same: Developing a full EDA suite for the Mac, with modern, state of the art User Interface focusing on efficiency and the Crowd and Cloud to make this vision a reality. What do I mean with Crowd and Cloud? The Cloud is the place to store data, that is and should be [...]